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Alicia Lamborn is the Environmental Horticulture Agent for UF/IFAS Extension Baker County. Programming includes topics on ornamental landscapes and edible gardening.  Check out her gardening blog for tips and timely information to help you be successful in your home garden.


Winter is Grape Pruning Time

Native to the southeastern United States, Muscadine grapes have been cultured for more than 400 years.  Sometimes referred to as scuppernongs, Muscadines are an old time southern favorite.  Although their insect and disease tolerance makes spraying pesticides unnecessary, pruning your Muscadine grape vines is needed for reliable production.   After a grapevine has been trained to grow on a trellis system, it must be pruned yearly to


Radish: the fastest growing veggie with plenty of variety!

Radishes make an easy-to-grow addition to the vegetable garden and are a great plant to grow with kids because in only 3-4 weeks that seed will have grown into a ready-to-eat radish. In Florida, radishes can be planted from September to March.  Seeds should be set about ¼-inch deep, spaced one inch apart.  Sowing seeds every few weeks will give you a continuous supply.  You can also save space in the garden by interplanting your


Microgreens Class

Indoor farming has never been easier!  Join UF/IFAS Extension for a class on Microgreens, January 26th from 10am – 11am at the Baker County Extension Office (Ag Center) located at 1025 W. Macclenny Avenue in Macclenny.   Microgreens are simply immature versions of vegetables, herbs and other plants, except microgreens contain 4 to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts! Use them to enhance the color, texture, or