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4-H Youth Development


Genevieve Mendoza - 4-H Youth Development Agent, Joshua Mathews - Program Assistant

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What do 4-Hers do?

The first thing to do in 4-H is to choose a PROJECT 4-H members "learn by doing", so your project work may include competing in a contest, going on a field trip, giving a speech, or working with an animal. In addition to becoming an expert in your project area, a 4-H member will learn leadership and communication skills. See resources below.

How can I join?

You must complete an enrollment form and a participation form at the beginning of each 4-H year which is Sept. 1. New clubs must have qualified volunteers and present a club charter. Existing clubs must renew their charters yearly.

Who do I contact?

Mrs. Genevieve Mendoza is the 4-H Youth Development agent for Levy County. Mr. Joshua Mathews is the 4-H Program Assistant. They can be reached by calling (352) 486-5131 or you can e-mail them.