The Polk County Livestock Extension Program is designed to provide educational programs and assistance for livestock producers, and promote agricultural awareness and its importance to our food system and economy.  This agent is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating these livestock Extension programs in Polk County.  The agent delivers educational programs in livestock production and management, forages and pastures, plant science, farm management, and agricultural awareness.


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Bridget Stice

Livestock and Forages

Extension Agent III, M.S.


Recent Livestock Blog Posts

Stable, Dog, Lawn Mower, Biting House Fly – Management is Key!

Stable flies primarily feed on the legs of horses and cattle but they can use all animals for a blood meal.  In the absence of animal hosts, they bite people. Peak stable fly breeding season is October thru January but they can breed year-round with wet summers.  With a life cycle of 22 - 58 days, the female will deposit 500 - 600 eggs in four cycles.  They lay eggs  in wet piles of manure, hay, feed, fermenting weeds or


2018 Highlands County Agricultural Tours

Highlands County Agricultural Tour Tickets are now ON SALE! Tickets for our Southern Highlands County Tour taking place on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 are available! Dates/Times: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - Northern Highlands County Agricultural Tour - 7:45am - 4:00pm Planned stops: Crews Ranch Avon Park Correctional Institute Horticulture Program


Calving Season Amidst the Cold Weather

It’s that time of the year when our ranchers are blessed with lots of baby hooves hitting the ground.  When you pass by, you can usually catch a glimpse of a newborn calf standing beside its mother.  In typical cow-calf operations, desirable cows produce one calf per year.  Bulls are put into the pen in the spring to impregnate cows and the gestation period is 283 days.  Ideally, cows are bred over the same time frame to promote a concise