Community Resource Development


As St. Lucie County grows so too do the opportunities for residents to meet the needs of their community using their entrepreneurial mind-set. Residents can succeed when provided with tools aimed at turning that small business concept into a reality. Community Resource Development is focused on providing information and resources to the community related to business development, retention, and expansion on the Treasure Coast. Such topics as customer service skills, business licensing, commercial insurance, funding sources, and human resources skills are just a sampling of the offerings to be provided in this relatively new area of programming. The goal is to build the small business community in St. Lucie County and encourage sustainable living for consumers and business leaders. The Community Resource Development Agent is also available to provide research-based, non-biased information on personal finance and consumer topics.

Consumer Finance

Information relative to being a savvy consumer and navigating the realm of personal finance, from creating a usable spending plan to understanding the basics of saving and investing.

Small Business Development and Expansion

Resources to help an entrepreneur get their idea from concept to market, along with tools to support existing businesses in a wide range of subject areas.

21st Century Local Citizens

Tools to help you get connected to local leaders and make your voice heard.