Hurricane Preparedness for Farmers and Ranchers

Agricultural producers face unique challenges when preparing for and recovering from disasters. With that in mind, we have summarized relevant information from our Disaster Handbook for you. We offer guidelines and safety tips for restoring damaged businesses to profitable enterprises. Protecting Farm Buildings Securely close all doors and windows. Try to determine  More»

Cicadas in Florida

If you hear loud buzzing coming from trees in the daytime, the noise is most likely caused by cicadas. You can tell when cicadas are present by the brown exoskeletons they leave on tree trunks and shrubs. Cicadas are found throughout North America, including here in Florida. Sound The sound of cicadas is distinctive, and species can be differentiated by their calls. Only males can make sounds, most of which are calling songs to attract  More»

Steps to Making an Insurance Claim

Learn the six steps you need to take when making an insurance claim. More...  More»

School Gardens: What You Need to Know

Since the early 1900s, school gardens have been flourishing throughout the nation. Community and school gardens were first created to help raise the moral and social skills of children who used the gardens. Benefits Opportunities for Growth & Interaction School gardens can go beyond the scope of the classroom, serving as opportunities for students, teachers, and even members of the community to interact. While this interaction may help  More»

Reducing Car Usage

Between paying for gas, inexperienced drivers, and traffic delays, driving everyday can feel more frustrating than convenient. Additionally, greenhouse gases—CO2 and other gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, warming the planet—and oil dependency both surge due to transportation. Fortunately, there are driving alternatives that can help you become more eco-friendly and leave you healthier and happier. Walk or Bike If  More»

Coping with Depression

While people may appear okay on the outside, they can be battling a turmoil within themselves—depression. Unlike feeling the normal woes of life, depression does not stop. Many factors—genetic, biological, environmental, and mental—can cause depression, but there are also many ways to help those suffering from depression. Review the following signs or symptoms to help determine if you or someone you know is suffering from major  More»