Installing and Maintaining a Farm Weather Station

Use the following basic guidelines to install and maintain a weather station. More...  More»

Ticks & Disease in Florida

Ticks can be found throughout the year in Florida, but there are seasonal differences in the abundance of nymphs and adults. Ticks in either stage can transmit any diseases they carry, so quick removal of ticks and prevention of tick bites are both important. There can be an increased risk of disease from nymphs because they are often small enough to avoid being noticed. Tick Types Brown Dog Tick The brown dog tick feeds mainly on dogs and is  More»

Fireworks Safety

When it comes to the Fourth of July, celebrations would seem lacking without fireworks. We all know that most fireworks are dangerous, but even sparklers burn at temperatures up to 2000 degrees. Taking proper safety measures when handling any type of firework—no matter how harmless it seems—can help prevent injuries. Consider the following facts about firework use in the United States: In 2014, approximately 10,500 people injured  More»

Dish Gardens and Terrariums

Homeowners can use terrariums and dishes to hold and display miniature gardens for indoors. The type of container, combined with your control of the watering schedule, lets you grow a variety of plants that may not be suited to your outdoor environment. You will want to use small plants—those that can be found in two to three inch pots at nurseries or garden centers. In some cases, you can also use cuttings. When you choose plants, make sure  More»

Sustainable Car Washing

While you may think you save water washing your own car, commercial car washes actually conserve a lot more water. In fact, most commercial car washes use 60% less water to clean your entire car compared to only rinsing (not even cleaning) your car at home. Commercial car washes save water because many of them use two types of recycling systems—100% closed-loop systems and partial recycle systems. Closed-loop systems recycle 100% of the  More»

Scalloping Season

UF/IFAS Sea Grant Extension agent Betty Staugler has some tips to get your scallop season started. More...  More»