Healthy Shopping: Seafood

Many Florida residents are no strangers to seafood. From salmon filets to crab legs to shrimp, the term “seafood” encompasses a large variety of fish and shellfish. Learn more about seafood, including its benefits, so you can follow the USDA’s Choose MyPlate recommendation to have eight ounces of seafood each week. Benefits of Eating Seafood Has less saturated fat and  More»

How to Freeze Fruits

Celebrate Frozen Foods Month by learning how to properly freeze fruits! More...  More»

March Wildlife Happenings

Discover this month's wildlife happenings, from striped skunks to Mourning doves beginning to nest.  More info...  More»

Planting In March

March marks the start of spring, so growers throughout Florida can plant warm-season crops this month. Take advantage of the weather by following these gardening suggestions based on Florida’s climate zones. You can find your region using the gardening region map. North Florida Annuals: While cool-season annuals, such as dianthus, will continue  More»

Understanding the Nutrition Label

When you’re on the hunt for healthy foods, do you read the nutrition label? If so, do you just glance over the calories or check the amount of sugars? While the label may seem confusing—with its long list of ingredients and breakdown of different fats—learning about the nutrients can help you make healthier food choices. Join in National Health Month by using the following tips to become more familiar with food nutritional  More»