Carrot Pest Management

Carrots aren’t just salad toppers—they’re also great for soups, baked goods, and snacking. A variety of carrots grow in Florida, with the majority of them harvested during the winter months. While carrots have no major insect pests in Florida, soil pests such as wireworms and mole crickets are a concern for the state’s growers. Insect Pests Cutworms These thick, dark caterpillars become moths as  More»

All About Ladybugs

You may call them ladybirds, ladybugs, or even lady beetles. Not only does this family of beetles have an assortment of names, it is also made up of an array of different species. Additionally, many ladybugs are important predators, while some are considered pests. Learn more about ladybugs—a family of beetles that is as diverse as its names. Ladybugs are the name for the Coccinellidae—a family of beetles that belong to the superfamily  More»

Tips to Cutting Your Spending

Use the following tips to reduce your spending. More...  More»

22 Ideas for a Low-Care, Low-Cost Landscape

With planning and the right plants, a low-care, low-cost landscape can be possible. More...  More»

Eat Local: Lettuce

Locally grown foods boost the local economy, introduce the community to agriculture, and protect natural resources. Plus, they are fresher than foods that travel many miles. Even though eating local isn’t always an option, Florida does offer a variety of local, in-season produce grown throughout the year. Florida offers four varieties of lettuces—all of which are produced throughout the state from November to May. Lettuce  More»

Outdoor Recreation: Places to Go, Things to See

Enjoying the outdoors can be as simple as going for a walk in a neighborhood park or riding your bike down a local greenway. Florida’s diverse ecosystems allow us to learn more about our environment while also enjoying physical activity. Both exercise and exposure to nature go hand in hand for increasing our mental and physical health. Families that participate in activities together can benefit in many ways, such as communicating better and  More»