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Florida gardening presents unique challenges, so we offer research-based assistance, information, and advice. Whether you are developing a vegetable garden, choosing landscape plants, or seeking information about lawn care, our resources will help you make your yard green and beautiful.

To find out what Extension services are available in your area or to get personal assistance, please contact your county Extension office.

Managing the Home Lawn

A healthy lawn can often make or break the outward appearance of your home. Among homeowners, many tend to “over” care for their lawn, especially when fertilizing, mowing, and irrigating. Follow Florida-Friendly Landscape practices and have a healthy lawn by learning how to fertilize, mow, and irrigate properly. Fertilize Fertilizing your yard properly is all about using the right type of fertilizer  More»

Environmental Stresses and Your Florida Lawn

Discover what environmental stresses your lawn is exposed to throughout the year. More...  More»

Plant of the Month: Fringetree

Learn why the fringetree, a small, blooming tree with white flowers, is the plant of the month. More...  More»

Planting in February

Although winter is mild in some regions of Florida, temperatures can dip below freezing levels in other parts of the state. Despite the cooler weather, some gardeners can begin to plant warm-season crops, while others should stick to plants that can survive the cold. Make sure your garden thrives during February with these suggestions based on the Florida climate zones. Use the  More»

Cold Weather Plants

Even though winter weather can easily ruin a garden, grow cold-hardy plants to no longer worry about freeze protection. Annuals Once your summer annuals start to fade, replace them with flowers that can withstand freezing temperatures. Examples include the following: Pansies Violets Snapdragons Nemesia Diascia Petunias Place these plants in a spot where they will receive full sun. Remember, this location may be  More»